How it works



The Humanyze Elements Platform has two major sources of data: digital communication and the GEM badge. These can be used together or independently to provide insight. Once your data sources are deployed, your organization is ready to start learning!


Analytics Engine

DGGT, our digital upload utility, and our badges upload data directly to our cloud where the Elements analytics engine processes the data into valuable insight.



Those insights are then presented back through meaningful dashboards and reports that help both employees and organizations take action.

Humanyze Elements – Digital Modules



Diversity and Inclusion – Uncover how communication inclusion impacts your organization. Measure the impacts of your diversity programs to ensure ROI.


Workload Assessment – Help drive culture by understanding and managing your organization’s workload. Understand key drivers of work, and how they impact your organization. Measure trends and outcomes of organizational changes to ensure effectiveness.


Collaboration and Delivery – Understand the true impact costs to your management decision and manage delivery risks by visualizing disruptions to business process.



Humanyze Elements – Badge Module

Humanyze Elements platform also leverages wearable badges that can provide your organization a deeper understanding of collaboration by looking at face to face interaction. Face to face interactions can help organizations better predict outcomes, understand organic collaboration, and drive team engagement and cohesiveness.


Collaboration – The elements dashboards allow you to visualize when teams are collaborating effectively. Compare high performing teams collaboration patterns to help you manage your organization. Understand if your teams are getting enough work time to accomplish the organizations goals.



Exploration – Understand and manage where teams are spending their time. Organize processes around enabling the right communication channels.


Management Visibility – Increase retention and engagement by allowing managers to see how they allocate their time.


Communication Networks – Visualize your organizations communication at a glance. Find bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Look for strong interactions between key teams.

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