Our Team

Ben Waber


Ben is the leader of Humanyze and literally wrote the book on people analytics. He's recognized worldwide as an expert in collaboration and wearable technology. He enjoys reading meta analyses to determine diet, exercise regime, color choices, and hair styles (no, really...).

Ben sings Japanese rap to his children.

New England Patriots

Taemie Kim

Founder/Chief Scientist

Taemie is an expert on Collaborative Technologies with experience in the mobile and management services industries. She directs our Analytics Division and converts ones and zeroes into business insights using her voodoo magic (or brilliant mind).

Taemie attended 15 different schools in 4 different countries and makes some killer kimchi.

Daniel Olguin Olguin


Daniel oversees our daily operations and is the guardian of our treasure chest. He enjoys constantly learning how things work and likes to apply his engineering skills to making organizations more effective.

Daniel is a foodie and world explorer.

Tuomas Jaanu


Tuomas is the head of our engineering and technology division. He is the brilliant architect behind the Humanyze platform. He is equally skilled at building front ends as he is fiddling with badges. His Finnish background requires that the highest compliment he can give is to let you know you are #adequate.

Tuomas has watched every episode of Star Trek Voyager... twice.

Michelle Bradbury

Chief Product Officer

Michelle defines the future market requirements and next wave of innovation for Humanyze products. She rebelled against her parents who wanted her to be a civil engineer by becoming a data architect over 20 years ago and has never looked back (take that, Mom and Dad!).

Michelle is an expert at optimizing the space in any dishwasher for maximum dish to wash ratio.

Team Adam (The Voice... of course!)

Jeremy Doyle

SVP of Growth

Jeremy leads our growth strategy with customers and partners. He is a data geek and is passionate about applying and teaching people analytics. He can't pass up a corny joke, and loves to cook.

Jeremy is a better bowler than Derek.

Louisville Cardinals

Derek Heyman

Lead Engineer

Derek leads our engineering team and owns the development and innovation of our wearable devices. He is a wizard of ones and zeroes and is at his happiest discussing our technology with clients.

Derek plays in a hip hop band!

New York Islanders

Laura Freeman

Analytics Lead

Laura leads analysis in the majority of our customer projects. She has a background in psychology and enjoys studying human behavior. She also doubles as a better-looking, California version of Derek Heyman.

Laura is our resident B-girl and competes in a dance troop.

Pilobolus Dance Company

Nicole Freedman

Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Nicole has worked at a record company, a travel business, and a university, all of which have required a strong base in customer service. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, photography, and music. She's also a crazy cat lady but swears the three cats just happened. It's not her fault.

Nicole spent a summer driving an ice cream truck.

Anything New England. Go Boston!

Bora Kang

Analyst Intern

Bora is an analyst intern. She loves data manipulation and visualization.

Bora can open a bottle using a spoon.

Let's go Giants!

Burak Akgun


By day Burak is the a field engineer for Humanyze. By night he walks the streets of Boston hoping he'll run into someone from his high school so he can make awkward conversation with them about that one time they did that embarrassing thing. Burak needs to know when to stop joking around.

Takes pride in knowing random facts including that if you farted every second for a year and a half you would generate the same energy as an atomic bomb.

Besiktas (Turkish Soccer Team)

Lucas Bancroft-Baer

Web Application Developer

Lucas makes graphs. He also breaks stuff sometimes.

Он немного может говорить по-русски.

Boston Patriots

Michael McCormack

Firmware Engineer

Mike has a long relationship with electronic devices spanning firmware, hardware, and applications. His addiction to startups and open-ended job descriptions has led Mike to join the engineering team working on Humanyze's wearables and base stations. A glutton for punishment, Mike shares his engineering talent and love of cat herding with a high school robotics team during his "free time."

Wicked proud father of six (only ask when you have plenty of time to listen)

FRC #5563 – Go Phalanx!

Alex Danilovich

QA Engineer

Alex doesn't trust anybody. That’s why he has to check everything himself. )))

Likes to play violin and guitar.

New England Patriots

Josh Friedland

Customer Relationship Manager

Josh comes to Humanyze with a wealth of ad-tech experience. He’s been in the industry since Facebook became available to anyone with an email address! Josh’s experience in Sales and Account Management will help pave the way for our clients. Josh is a keen photographer, snowboarder, and an avid fantasy and real sports fanatic.

Josh is a Phish fan, who loves to fish and knows a lot about phishing!

Not the Patriots! Blech!

Evan Orfanos

Software Engineer

Evan is a modern day Renaissance man (polymath). When he's not philosophizing (slacking off), getting lost in textbooks (figuratively speaking), or on Reddit, he mainly works in the shadows (full-stack ninja-style) on our backend. He's helping Humanyze architect and apply powerful and performant software solutions.

Evan is a steadily recovering Netflix-binge-aholic.

Team BTP

Zhongke Zhang

Statistical Analyst

Zhongke explores statistical methods for social network analysis. He also has a great interest in machine learning to improve badge detection accuracy.

Zhongke can solve a Rubik’s cube within one minute.

Golden State Warriors

Satoe Sakuma

Software Development Intern

Satoe is a senior at Boston University majoring in International Relations and Computer Science. She picked up computer science after realizing she didn't want to be a politician and enjoyed the problem solving satisfaction that comes with programming, she decided to just merge the two interests to focus on cybersecurity.

Satoe enjoys climbing and watching UFC.

Chicago Cubs

Ian Grush

Software Engineer

Ian works on the backend server code. He brings serial startup experience to Humanyze, and enjoys small company life. Ian loves python, but not as much as he loves his road bike. Ian is learning to love django.

Ian loves to bake. He achieved initial fame making cheese cakes, branched into fruit pies, and can now make a fruit cake so good, that even a U.S. American can love it.

Williams Grand Prix Engineering

Toni Abella Vendrell

Product Manager

Toni helps to define, build, and bring to market Humanyze products. He is an expert in digital strategy and development of data products. Toni enjoys wrangling data and finding business applications from it.

Toni is an apprentice in Calisthenics, currently on the master track of the human flag.


Loosine Vartani

Web Application Developer